Why Nathan Buckley is the luckiest man in AFL

Warning- this post contains Collingwood triumphalism

The great thing about yesterday’s winning Grand Final side is how young the side is.

The oldest member of the side was Ben Johnson, who is still only 29. There’s no reason why the whole grand final side can’t still be playing in 2012. In 2012 Nathan Buckley will be inheriting a list which should be close to peaking, withthe bulk of the side between 22-25, and having played betwen 50 and 200 games (including at least 2 grand finals).

It’s also hard to see what other teams are going to be coming up as quickly.

Nathan Buckley will find himself in the unique position of modern day coaches of having a ready made list handed over to him – most coaches start when a team is at a low ebb, and need to build a team. It will be an interesting challenge for him.

I guess I should end with a note of caution – the Hawks since 2008 and the Baby Bombers of 1993 never went on to do as well as could have been expected. Teams might work out a way around Collingwood’s box.

It’s still looking very promising for Collingwood- maybe the start of a golden era.

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